But for The Plan - (Telephone Sales)

(Telephone Sales - Be Careful)

Mr. and Mrs. Shuster (not their real names) met with Jonathon Dick at our St. Catharines office. They told him that they had been ripped off as a result of a series of transactions involving a seller of holistic products, which they purchased over the phone.

Jonathan corresponded with the supplier, who insisted that they meet in person so that he could explain his side of the story. In the end, the supplier acknowledged that he had shortchanged our clients and refunded their credit card in the amount of $622.97.

The cost to our clients for legal services, for which they were very grateful, was $100.00.

But for the Plan it is questionable as to whether they would have pursued their claim.

Submitted by Jonathon Dick,
Staff Lawyer
St. Catharines Office