But for The Plan (Child Support for Dad)

For two years following separation, our client, John, paid child support for his two children, Pam and Peter who were living with their mother, Betty (not their real names).

After two years, when Pam came to reside with John, his child support payments decreased, because of Betty’s responsibility to contribute to the cost of Pam’s support.

Pam had had some discipline problems and difficulty with her high school courses, but after coming to John’s she entered a continuing education program and her marks improved considerably.

Betty felt that the two courses Pam was taking did not constitute “full-time education” and brought a Court motion to end all child support for Pam when she turned 18 years of age. John brought a counter-motion asking that the support continue.

By the date of the trial, Pam had obtained her Grade 12 Diploma and was enrolled in an apprenticeship program.

The Court ordered Betty to pay retro-active support for Pam, to continue to pay support for Pam, and to pay a share of Pam’s apprenticeship program expenses.

Betty was also ordered to pay our client’s legal fees (“costs”).

But for the Plan, it is doubtful that John would have pursued his legitimate legal rights on behalf of his daughter.

Submitted by John Sproule,
Managing Lawyer
Oshawa Office