But for The Plan (Grandparent Access Rights)

Ethel (not her real name), a widow in her 70’s, is the surviving spouse of a CAW Legal Services Plan member. She came to our Oshawa office because of her two year old granddaughter, whom she had never seen.

Ethel’s son was the biological father of the child, but he and the mother did not live together, and he did not have visitation rights (“access”) to the child. Ethel’s attempts to see her granddaughter had been at first ignored and then later refused by the mother, even with mutual friends attempting to facilitate contact.

Ethel was very hesitant about doing anything as drastic as starting a court proceeding and especially reluctant to actually “go to court”. However, when it was pointed out to her that it was a good way to get the mother’s attention, and that she had Plan coverage, she agreed to proceed.

Shortly after the mother was served with a Court Application, she retained a lawyer and access was arranged. Ethel didn’t need to go to court, and her son is also seeing his child.

Our client is thrilled, and so is her granddaughter. We know, because Ethel has been showing us the pictures.

Had it not been for the CAW Legal Services Plan, this beautiful and important relationship may have never begun.

Submitted by Donna Wormington,
Staff Lawyer
Oshawa Office