But for The Plan (Joining a Class Action)

Mrs. Vincent (not her real name) made an appointment at our St. Catharines office, to seek Jonathon Dick’s advice upon receiving a notice of a class action against the Blenheim Centre near London, Ontario.

Mrs. Vincent is the surviving spouse of a retired Plan member whose son, and her step-son, Joseph (also not his real name), suffered from mental impairment since his birth in 1951. Between 1962 and 1966, Joseph resided at the Blenheim Centre. During Joseph’s stay, it is alleged that the staff abused him.

Jonathon and his staff completed the requested documentation and submitted it to the representatives of the class action. Their submission was successful. The client was thrilled when she received a $16,800.00 award for Joseph. Our bill to her was $583.08.

But for the Plan, it may not have been so easy for Mrs. Vincent to make a proper submission in the class action.

Submitted by Jonathon Dick,
Staff Lawyer
St. Catharines Office