But for The Plan (Car Trouble)

C.’s car broke down, and he found what he thought was a suitable replacement ‐ a used vehicle, for private sale online. After reviewing the safety inspection report and the Safety Certificate, he arranged for the purchase.

C. noted, from the previous owner, that the vehicle was given a “clean bill of health”, and that other than usual wear and tear from usage, there were no issues to be concerned about.

C. wanted his own mechanic to inspect it, but he needed a vehicle as quickly as possible, get to and from. So, against his better judgement, he purchased the vehicle, and within days regretted his decision.

Upon later inspection by another mechanic, the vehicle was decertified ‐ unsafe for road use – which cost him thousands of dollars in repairs.

C. then followed up with the auto shop that had issued the Safety Certificate to the previous owner. It quickly became apparent to C. that the mechanics in question failed to properly inspect the vehicle and that it was very likely that the auto shop was improperly issuing Safety Certificate.

While C. worked diligently to try and rectify the situation, progress was slow. After several months of being without use of the vehicle he contacted our Oakville office for assistance.

We worked quickly with C. to quantify the damages and what was needed to ensure that C. was made whole ‐ either by fixing this vehicle properly or purchasing a new one.

Our team worked quickly with C. We contacted the negligent (possibly fraudulent) auto shop; outlined its legal responsibilities and how the case would play out in a courtroom. Within a few weeks we were able to obtain full payment of the costs C. incurred to make the vehicle road worthy.

But for the plan, and the quick actions of the Oakville office, C. would have faced legal fees that could have eclipsed the damages he would have fought for in Court. “Buyer beware” can be a daunting statement when buying a used car. When an issue comes up it can pay off to contact the Plan, to see what options you have that may just save the day!

…Submitted by Peter Kazman, Managing Lawyer, Oakville Office