The Unifor Legal Services Plan is the largest pre-paid legal services program in Canada.

Plan support staff are represented by COPE.

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Contacting the Plan by e-mail does not create a lawyer-client relationship. A person does not become a client unless and until a specific lawyer agrees to act for the person and that representation is confirmed in a retainer agreement or letter. Unless you are an existing client, no information provided to the Plan will be considered confidential. Even if you are an existing client, you should only e-mail your lawyer if there is a prior agreement to do so.

Do NOT email documents to these email addresses.

If you are a lawyer or a Quebec notary and would like information about joining our panel, or if you are an existing Co-operating lawyer or Notary (Quebec) whose address, telephone or other contact information has changed,contact us at:

The following is a general mailbox only and CANNOT be used to ask about specific legal problems. If you need immediate legal assistance, including booking appointments, please call 1-800-268-7573.

For further information about the Plan or if you wish to comment about the Plan, contact us at:

We value your opinion and invite you to fill out a Client Satisfaction Survey form, and send it to us.

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