The Unifor Legal Services Plan is the largest pre-paid legal services program in Canada.

Plan support staff are represented by COPE.


These comments are verbatim. If you would like to submit your own comments, please contact us.

Here's what our Plan Participants are saying...

I am very happy that my union provides us with legal counsel. I had never needed a lawyer until last year. Everything went very well for the situation that I was involved. Thank you. (Family, Co-operating Lawyer - Tecumseh)

Our sincere thanks to both Sharon [Davidson] and Bob [Banik] for their knowledge and advice. They have succeeded in rectifying, to our complete satisfaction, an unnecessary and frustrating issue with a contractor. Thank you. Thank you. (Consumer/Debtor - Oshawa)

Mr. Drew Horlacher was very professional and polite. His staff was excellent as well. Top top marks! I couldn't have asked for a nicer lawyer than Mr. Drew Horlacher. Thanks again. (Real Estate - Hamilton)

The Unifor Legal Services Plan is an asset to all employees. My lawyer was excellent as well as everyone that I had contact with at the firm. (Real Estate, Co-operating Lawyer - London)

Jonathon [Dick] went out of his way to assist us with our transactions during Doug's stay at the hospital. (Real Estate - St. Catharines)

Jann [Macleod] was very thorough and informative with the purchase of our house. Everything went better than expected. I would recommend Jann. (Real Estate - Calgary)

I appreciate the legal assistance. It's a great program. (Real Estate, Co-operating Lawyer - Lindsay)

Mr. [Thomas] Thamarappallil was courteous, friendly and very knowledgeable about our case. We liked him immediately and had complete confidence in him. We would be pleased to deal with him again if the need should arise. (Real Estate - Windsor)

Mr. [Mark] Jacula worked harder than I can imagine. I will ever be grateful for him helping me. He got my charges dropped. Very impressive. I would definitely call him if ever I was to need his services. (Criminal/Motor Vehicle - Oshawa)

Great program. One call and it was all taken care of. (Real Estate, Co-operating Lawyer - Woodstock)

Always treated well by lawyers and staff at Unifor Legal Services at Oshawa Center. [William Clark](Real Estate - Oshawa)

Dan [Toppari] was very professional and did a great job. Very pleased with his effort. (Family - St. Catharines)

Congratulations to U.L.S. for doing a wonderful job. From the front desk to Mr. [Ronald] Reaume very courteous and helpful. Thanks. (Real Estate - Windsor)

Allyce Mutungi and her staff were very professional in their legal services provided to me over the past 10 years. I would highly recommend her to anyone requiring any of the legal services she provides. (Family - Oshawa)

I would recommend Donna [Wormington] to anyone who needs help with family law. (Family - Oshawa)

The work and interaction with Sharon Lees was very professional and she made our interaction with Unifor great. [William Clark] (Estates - Oshawa)

Program is terrific as an employee going through a rough chapter in my life. So thankful. (Family, Co-operating Lawyer - Windsor)

It was a pleasure working with all the staff at Unifor. Jonathan Dick was our lawyer and we were very pleased and will ask for him again. (Real Estate - St. Catharines)

Terrific group, very professional! [Ennio Micacchi] (Real Estate - Woodstock)

I was very impressed when I received a call from my lawyer directly when my case was coming to a close and told me what I could do next, and delivered my documents to my house as I couldn't find time to come in. [Arche Palinka] (Administrative Law - Oshawa)

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